Enrolment forms

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Use our online application to guide you through enrolling or updating your details.

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Downloadable forms

Enrolment form
(PDF, 616kB)
Use this form to enrol to vote or to update your details.
No fixed address enrolment form
(PDF, 510kB)
Use this form if you are eligible to vote in Victoria but have no fixed address.
Enrolment form for those unable to sign
(PDF, 538kB)
If you or someone under your care is eligible to enrol to vote in Victoria but cannot sign the form due to physical incapacity, this form can be signed by another enrolled person.
General postal voter registration form (PDF, 1.0MB) If you are generally unable to get to a voting centre on election days, you may be eligible to become a general postal voter.
Silent elector information and registration form
(PDF, 1.0MB)
If you believe that you or a family member would be in danger by having your address on an electoral roll, you can apply to become a silent elector.
Overseas notification form (PDF, 150kB) Use this form if you are overseas indefinitely or permanently and do not wish to vote, or if you are temporarily absent from Australia and may not be able to vote.
'Elector no longer capable' form (PDF, 495kB) Use this form to remove a person's name from the roll if they are incapable of understanding the nature and significance of enrolment and voting.
Antarctic electors
Australian Electoral Commission (external link).
If you are working on a station in Antarctica, you can apply to become an Antarctic elector through the Australian Electoral Commission.

Who can witness my form?

Some VEC forms need to be witnessed before we can accept them. Instructions as to who can be a witness are included on each form.

In most cases, anyone can be a witness if they:

  • are already on the Victorian electoral roll and
  • have actually seen the applicant sign (or make a mark) on the form.
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